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Become an Associate We are constantly looking for New Associate. As Our Commission structure is very competitive, this provides an excellent business opportunity for people who are looking to expand their business in Immigration field or even for people who are thinking to open a new business.

Certified Visa Consultants

Certified Visa Consultants

We only work with Certified Visa Consultants for student visa processing.

Get the Right Advice

Get the Right Advice Our highly experienced team along with the intelligent software ensures that the applicant’s program selection is based on his previous profile and area of interest.

This allows us many times better visa conversion rate and 99% student admission success rate.

We Expect from Our Associates

We Expect from Our Associates
1. Ensures that the marketing of our services is professional, accurate and maintains the integrity and reputation of the company.

2. Provide students up-to-date information about programs, assist students completing application forms and submitting required documents.

3. Understands policies and procedures related to the application and admissions process.

4. Follow the guidelines stated in the agent contract set by VOCS PVT. Ltd.

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