PR is generally referred to person’s resident status in a country of which they are not a citizen. If someone wants to apply PR to another country then the person has to satisfy the guideline by the country. Every country has its own Guideline for PR.

Canada Permanent Resident

Canada has been one of the most favourite countries to get a Permanent Resident Visa for the past several decades. Thousands of immigration seekers aspire to move to Canada to work and live with their families.The candidate has various options to get a Canada PR visa. The Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) offers around 60 immigration programs, from which, the most suitable and appropriate program can be selected. The immigration process for Canada Permanent Residency is point-based and nominates its candidates according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) which are scored on the basis of the factors such as age, education, skills, work experience, adaptability and language ability etc…

Requirements for Canada Permanent Resident Visa
In order to apply for Canada PR, a candidate is required to meet the requirement criteria set by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada that are:

Canada offers Express Entry by which a person can get permanent residency status in Canada. Express Entry has further streams:

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Australia Permanent Resident

Australia is a popular choice for people to migrate to due to easy and flexible rules and formalities to be taken care of. Going and settle in Australia is a dream to many. The country offers many job and study opportunities apart from excellent facilities in health sector. If you are looking for Australia immigration then you must be aware of the simple rules and formulations that the country is following.

The one and only program available for immigration to Australia is GSM (General Skilled Migration) which is divided into 3 sub-class visa viz., 189,190 and 489. Other than these there is no program available as of now.

There are three clearances which need to be taken care of no matter what program you choose. These are-

To be able to procure an Australian PR, you need to check if your occupation or profession is listed under updated occupation demand list of Australia. Currently, the list contains 268 occupations. If your profession is not mentioned in the list, it means that your profile is not in demand in the labour market at that time. The list gets updated every July of the year. The top 10 growing professions in Australia as of 2018 are-

  • Education and Training
  • Medical
  • Building Trades
  • Information and Communication
  • Technology
  • Design and Architecture
  • Alternative Energy
  • Marketing
  • Event planning
  • Translators

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